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Branch Details

We are looking forward to building a new branch as Barrie Public Library starts Branching Out for our Community.

Building details

  • It will be located on a one+ acre of a 4 acre site on Dean Avenue (Big Bay Point & Yonge), with shared parking and service infrastructure
  • We are working towards groundbreaking in 2010 with an anticipated opening in Fall 2011
  • 15,000 square foot library
  • It will include holding a collection of approximately 130,000 items including:
    • books
    • magazines
    • DVDs
    • CDs
    • newspapers
    • etc.
  • It will include the following areas:
    • Adult area
    • Teen area
    • Children's area
    • Computer area
    • Study area
    • Service desks
    • Community/Programme room
    • Workroom
    • Staff area
    • Shipping/Receiving area
  • See the Branch Location map for the specific location

Why the south end?

  • 2006 census shows that Barrie has one of the youngest populations in Canada
  • More than half of new Barrie residents, many of them young families, settle in the City’s south end
  • Planning Department projects five-year population growth in that corner of the city to be an additional 25,000
  • Transit study shows that south-end residents do not use the downtown library to the same degree as residents in other areas Barrie
  • A new branch at Yonge Street and Big Bay Point Road will serve as a catalyst in the community, while enhancing Barrie Public Library’s capacity to serve all of its citizens

Branch Services

  • We will change from being one library, to a library system. As a member of Barrie Public Library, you will have access to resources at both locations
  • The Branch will be a full service branch library providing similar services as the Downtown Library.  However, some services will be "rationalized" (such as special collections, Genealogy, etc.) with the downtown location and some services may also be scaled to size.  Every effort will be made for the Branch Library meet the community needs of south Barrie
  • the Branch Library will be open approximately the same number of hours as the downtown location but, to meet individual community needs, the specific hours of opening may differ slightly
  • There will be programmes at the Branch Library, although they may not be exactly the same as at the Downtown Library as they will be designed to meet the needs of the surrounding community
  • there will be a meeting room available at the south-end branch, and we are hoping to work with the architect to include convertible space to give an area for public events. such as music programmes, etc.

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